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Title IX, Sexual Misconduct Policy and Reporting

Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Policy

Information about Title IX and the university’s Sexual Misconduct Policy are provided below.

Reporting Title IX Violations and Sexual Misconduct

To file a Title IX (sexual misconduct) report, click on the link below. Violations reported using this form are submitted electronically and routed initially to Indiana Tech’s Title IX Co-Coordinators Chris Dickson, associate vice president of Student Services and Julie Hendryx, director of Human Resources.

Warriors on Watch

In an effort to increase the safety and well-being of people on the Indiana Tech campus, everyone is encouraged to contact security or the police in any matter where the health or safety of someone is in question. If a student implicates themself in a university violation as a result of making such a report, the student shall be exempt from disciplinary sanctions provided the following stipulations are met:

  • The full name and contact information of the person reporting must be provided.
  • The person reporting must provide the full name of the victim and perpetrators if known.
  • The person reporting must remain with the victim until security or emergency personnel respond unless it jeopardizes their own safety.
  • The person reporting must cooperate with the instructions of security, staff, or emergency personnel both on the scene and during any forthcoming investigation.
  • The person reporting is not directly responsible for causing physical harm to the victim except in cases of self-defense.

In addition, the victim will be exempt from punitive sanctions under university conduct policy such as monetary fines, probationary status, dismissal, or similar. However, the victim may be required to comply with an educational component or counseling if found to have violated university policy.