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Chemical Spills

Hazardous spills most often refers to a liquid hazardous chemical that has been spilled from its container and creates a hazard for injury or fire for people nearby. However, the university also has gasses, corrosives, acids, and other hazardous materials that can cause harm if outside of their container. Some chemicals create fumes and some are extremely flammable.

If there is a hazardous spill or leak:

  1. Identify the spill and tell others near you to avoid it
  2. Cease all activities
    • If operating machinery or the leak is caused by a valve that you opened, close the valve or turn off the machinery
  3. If the spill appears to be a life threatening emergency, pull the fire alarm and call 911
    • Quickly evacuate the building
  4. Report the issue to Security at 260.399.2805
    • Call 911 if there is a life threatening injury or illness
    • Be as specific as possible to the type, size, and location of the spill
    • Security may issue a shelter in place or evacuation based on the nature of the spill
  5. Avoid the area and prevent others from accessing the space until security, maintenance, or emergency services takes over
    • Security will attempt to block off the area
    • Maintenance will identify the type of spill and create a solution to clean it
      • HVAC systems may be shut down
  6. Anyone who may be contaminated by the spill should avoid contact with others and remain in the vicinity of the building. Maintenance and security will provide cleanup and aid as necessary.
  7. Do not reenter an affected space until told it is safe to do so by campus safety and security or maintenance.