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Anti-Bullying Policy

Indiana Tech strives to provide a safe and productive atmosphere for everyone. As a result, the university does not condone behavior that is threatening or bullying in nature. This policy is designed to support the university’s code for student conduct as well as the code of ethics.

Indiana Tech strives for a comfortable and respectful learning environment, free of bullying and intimidating behavior. Bullying is a deliberate attempt to make another person feel bad, threatened or have power over them. Bullying includes but is not limited to:

  • Physical contact in an unwanted fashion
  • Extortion demands of money or task
  • Gestures such as threatening looks and hand signals
  • Verbal slander or spreading gossip
  • Cyber bullying which includes texts and all social networks

If a student believes to be a target of bullying, please report these actions as soon as possible to a resident assistant, associate vice president-student services, your dean, or Safety & Security. Any report submitted will be confidential to the fullest extent possible and an investigation will be conducted which will include discussions with all students involved. Procedures and factors involved in the investigation will be similar to those listed under the anti-harassment policy.