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Fire/Building Evacuation

Upon alarm or evacuation Connect notification:

  • Remain calm and leave through the nearest marked exit
    • Alert others to do the same, including guests and contractors
    • Move quickly but do not run
  • Move to the designated assembly area if safe to do so
    • Check in with managers, coaches, or resident assistant as applicable
    • Follow instructions of the building coordinator and/or Safety & Security
    • Wait at the assembly area for further instruction
    • Leave campus if it is not safe to assemble in a group (active shooter or violent threat)
  • Do not leave campus in a vehicle until after an all clear is received.
  • Do not return to evacuated building unless an all-clear has been given by Safety & Security or the “All Clear” Connect message is received.
  • Guests and contractors should report to their university contact or to the university official in charge at the nearest assembly area.