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Bomb Threat: How to Respond

Most threats are received over the phone but it could also be a note or suspicious package.

Remain calm

  • Call Security (or 911 if it seems imminent) as soon as you are able, or have someone else do it
    • Security Office Phone Number – ext. 2230 or 260.399.2805
    • Security Cellphone Number – 260-740-6642
  • If the threat is over the phone, use the below checklist and do not hang up the phone unless you have no other choice.
  • If the threat is a note, email, or text message
    • Take the evidence to security as quickly as possible
    • Do not damage or delete
  • If the item is a suspicious package
    • Back away from the area and tell others to stay back
    • Contact Security immediately
  • Evacuate the area
    • Pull the fire pull handle to allow others to calmly evacuate. Do not shout that there is a bomb threat to avoid panic.