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Emergency Preparedness & Notifications

Emergency Management Plans

Crisis management plans are reviewed regularly by our Crisis Management Team. Campus plans are divided into the following:

Our Crisis Management Team also reviews crises or emergencies that occur at Indiana Tech to discuss what went right and wrong, and what could have been done differently.

Emergency Notifications

To help prevent crimes or other serious incidents, the security department, in conjunction with members of the crisis management team, issues campus safety alerts in a timely manner to notify community members about certain crimes in and around our community. Members who know of a crime or other serious incident should report that incident as soon as possible to the department of security so that a campus safety alert can be issued, if warranted.

Blackboard Connect enables Indiana Tech to share vital campus safety information quickly and accurately through a variety of media. Depending on the situation, alerts and information may be sent through:

  • Text messages
  • Voice messages
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Public address announcements

You do not need to sign up for this service; all current students, faculty, and staff are automatically included. However, we must have correct contact information on file to ensure that we can notify you of campus closings or emergency situations.

  • Students: Please login to your my.IndianaTech account and update your contact information under Directory Update.
    •  Log into your account
    •  Select HELP tab
    •  Use NEXT PAGE to move through the form, updating information as necessary
    •  On final page, select SUBMIT FORM
  • Faculty and staff: Please log in to Paycom and update your contact information under the Personal Information tab.

If you would like to manage your preferences for Blackboard Connect communications, please click here for information.

Timely Warnings

If Safety & Security becomes aware of criminal incidents that are determined to constitute a serious or continuing threat to the campus community, a “Timely Warning” will be issued. This is an alert that is timely and will aid in the prevention of similar crimes, intended to enable people to protect themselves, and should be issued as soon as pertinent information is available. Determination of what to alert and what information is contained in the alert is on a case-by-case basis considering the nature of the crime, continuing danger to the community, and possible risk of compromising law enforcement efforts. Most commonly, timely warnings will include pertinent information about the crime that triggered the warning, promotes safety, and aids in the prevention of similar crimes. Personally identifiable information may only be transmitted in a timely warning if it meets the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Active Shooter/ Killer – RUN. HIDE. FIGHT.

An active shooter scenario can start unexpectedly at anytime. Whether it be a current student, a hostile employee, or domestic violence; there is no time to lose. Immediately call Safety & Security if you see a weapon being carried around campus. If you hear what may be gunshots or you see a weapon being used, call 911.

For more details, go to our Active Shooter information page.

Emergency Procedures

To see more detailed emergency procedure information, please read the crisis management plan for your campus location. Because tornadoes are a yearly occurrence in Indiana, students and employees would also be familiar with our Tornado Safety procedure. The following is a brief outline of a few emergency procedures:

SHELTER IN PLACE – When an emergency notification is sent for shelter in place, do the following:

  •  Remain Calm
  •  Stay in your present building (If outside, seek shelter inside)
  •  Close windows and doors
  •  Activities can continue inside
  •  Follow updates and instructions provided through additional communications
  •  Do not exit until an all-clear is given from the university

HOLD AND SECURE – When an emergency notification is sent for hold and secure, card access doors will be changed to card access only. You should do the following:

  •  Remain Calm
  •  Continue activities within classrooms and offices
  •  Stay away from windows and entrances
  •  Identify others who may need assistance and help them out of hallways
  •  Building Coordinators will lock exterior doors that are not on card readers, if applicable
  •  Residents in WRA and WRB should ensure that their dorm entrances are secure
  •  Follow updates and instructions provided through additional communications
  •  Do not exit until an all-clear is given from the university

LOCKDOWN – When an emergency notification is sent for lockdown, card access doors will be changed to locked, preventing any ID badge from gaining access except remotely through Safety & Security. You should do the following:

  •  Remain Calm
  • Cease all activities
  •  Hide in safe space, lock door if able
  •  Turn off lights
  •  Stay away from windows and doors
  •  Find cover and stay quiet
  •  Do not exit until instructed to do so by the university or by law enforcement
  •  If the threat is in your building, use RUN. HIDE. FIGHT.
  •  Do not leave in your vehicle if you evacuate, this may prevent emergency services from entering

FIRE or EVACUATE – In the event of a fire or there is an evacuation message, you should:

  •  Exit the building immediately
  •  Go to the designated meeting area (Page 40 of Crisis Plan for Fort Wayne)
  •  Persons with Disabilities may need assistance evacuating. Please see our procedure in the Crisis Management Plan. (Page 43-46 of the Fort Wayne Crisis Plan)