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University Policy on Gender-Based Sexual Misconduct

Members of the Indiana Tech community, guests and visitors have the right to be free from all forms of gender and sex-based discrimination, examples of which can include acts of sexual violence, sexual harassment, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking. All members of the campus community are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that does not infringe upon the rights of others. University believes in a zero tolerance policy for gender-based misconduct.  When an allegation of misconduct is brought to an appropriate administrator’s attention, and a respondent is found to have violated this policy, serious sanctions will be used to reasonably ensure that such actions are never repeated.  This policy has been developed to reaffirm these principles and to provide recourse for those individuals whose rights have been violated.  This policy is intended to define community expectations and to establish a mechanism for determining when those expectations have been violated.

The university policy on sexual misconduct applies to all students and employees, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity as well as third parties. This policy as well as additional information will be located on the university website under student emergency resources in student affairs. Students may also find more information in the Title IX compliance statement.

The university educates the student community about sexual misconduct through a variety of methods which may include student affairs programming, informational brochures, online training and educational opportunities, university experience classes, freshman orientation, or residence life programming. The police department offers sexual assault education and information programs to university students and employees upon request. Literature on sexual assaults, risk reduction, and university response is available through the associate vice president-student services and the university Wellness Center.

The university encourages everyone, especially men, who has the ability to intervene in the prevention of a sexual assault to do so. Speak out against abusive behavior and intervene if someone is at risk of being assaulted.

Other Misconduct Offenses (Will Fall Under Title IX When Sex- or Gender-Based)

  1. Intimidation, defined as implied threats or acts that cause an unreasonable fear of harm in another;
  2. Hazing, defined as acts likely to cause physical or psychological harm or social ostracism to any person within the university community, when related to the admission, initiation, pledging, joining, or any other group-affiliation activity (as defined further in the Hazing Policy);
  3. Bullying, defined as repeated and/or severe aggressive behavior likely to intimidate or intentionally hurt, control or diminish another person, physically or mentally (that is not speech or conduct otherwise protected by the 1st Amendment).

Student Conduct and University Policies

Indiana Tech is dedicated to preparing our students for professional and personal success. The university expects all students, administrators, faculty, and staff to act with integrity while displaying the following principles in actions, words, and appearance on and off campus.  To review the University Code of Ethics and all University policies, please visit our policies page.