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Connect Preferences

As part of our efforts to provide a safe learning and working environment, Indiana Tech uses a system called Connect to communicate in emergency situations. Connect enables us to contact students, staff, and faculty quickly through text messages, voice messages, and email.

You do not need to sign up for this service; all current students, faculty, and staff are automatically included. However, you can manage your communication preferences through a portal.

Setting Up Your Connect Account

  1. Log in to Connect
  2. Enter an email address (it does not have to be your Indiana Tech email) and password, and click Sign Me Up.
  3. Fill in the requested information, check the box to agree to the user agreement, and click Continue.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email with additional instructions on account set-up.

Changing Your Preferences

  1. After you complete your account set-up, log back in to Connect. You will see a screen displaying 4 steps.
  2. In Find Contact (Step 1), which asks for an ID code, enter your Student ID Number or Jenzabar Employee ID Number and click Submit. When asked to enter a phone number, enter a home or cell phone number that would be on file with the university.
  3. When a contact is found, click Associate to link the contact to your account.
  4. In Tell Us About Yourself (Step 2), you can add additional phone numbers and emails to receive notifications, as well as opt out of voice or text messages for existing phone numbers. If you wish to opt out: click on the phone number; uncheck the box(es) for voice and/or text; and click save.
  5. In Set Your Subscriptions (Step 3), you can opt out of Outreach messages by unchecking the box. Indiana Tech sends two types of messages:
    1. Emergency: This category is used for mass notification, and you cannot opt out completely. If you opted out of phone and text messages in Step 2, you will still receive email to your Indiana Tech email account for emergency messages. Please note that this category is used for messages related to campus closings due to severe weather as well as any potentially dangerous situations.
    2. Outreach: This category is used for messages such as Business Office concerns with your account, registration reminders, and other non-emergency topics.
  6. In Set Your Preferences (Step 4), you can set more specific preferences for Outreach messages. To do so, click on Edit then check or uncheck the appropriate boxes and click Save.

You can log back in to Connect to change your preferences any time.