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Campus Parking

All students, faculty, staff, are required to have a valid parking permit, per vehicle, affixed to the outside of the rear window in the lower corner (driver’s side). Permits must be renewed annually. All parking lots between 6:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday, require either an Indiana Tech parking permit or an Indiana Tech temporary parking permit. Weekends and after 4:00 pm enforcement is limited to residential parking areas, reserved, loading zones, handicap, and fire lanes.

Visitor Parking

Between the hours of 6 a.m. to 4 p.m., all visitors on campus will need to obtain a temporary permit to avoid potential citations. Temporary permits may be emailed in advance for certain events but is obtainable from the main desk of the building you are visiting when you arrive. Visitors to residence hall buildings may obtain a permit from the office of student affairs in the Andorfer Commons. Visitor permits allow for parking in any C designated parking lots as shown on the Campus Map. Permit should be placed on the passenger side dashboard with the expiration date visible from the outside.

Handicap Parking

There are handicap parking spots in each parking lot near a building entrance. If a vehicle in a handicap parking space does not have the appropriate handicap designation, it will receive a citation and is subject to being towed at the owner’s expense.


  • You are required to drive carefully and follow the rules and regulations.
  • You are responsible for all violations committed while your vehicle is in the custody of another person.
  • You are responsible for all parking violations of your guests on campus.
  • You are responsible for any citations issued to you or your registered vehicles.

Pay a Parking Citation

To Pay a Parking Citation, have your citation or license plate information readily available. Search on the right hand side of the home page after logging into the parking website.

New Vehicle or Lost Permit

If a permit is lost or stolen, report the loss Donna Sark with Student Services. A new permit can be issued at her desk though a fee may apply.

If you are planning to change vehicles, the new vehicle should be added to your permit store account before requesting a replacement permit. If you are changing vehicles but have the original permit, you can delete the old vehicle and assign the new vehicle to your existing permit using your permit store account.

Temporary Permits for Current Permit Holders

If you have ordered a permit and it is pending or simply has not arrived yet, you may print out your temporary version through your permit store account. If at any point during the academic year, your vehicle is in repair or if you have a different vehicle short term, you may request a temporary permit from Safety & Security or Donna Sark in Student Affairs.

Lockouts, Battery Jumps, and Immobile Vehicles

Safety & Security does not have the capability to perform lockout recovery. If your keys become locked inside your vehicle, please contact a local locksmith or towing company capable of performing lockouts.

Safety & Security does have a 12 volt jump starter. If your car battery has died, please speak to a Safety & Security officer for assistance. You will be required to sign a waiver before the jump is performed.

Any vehicle that cannot start or is otherwise immobile must be reported to Safety & Security, this includes flat tires. The expected time to correct the issue is 24 hours but an extension can be granted on a case by case basis.