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Reporting Crimes and Other Emergencies To Indiana Tech

All criminal incidents, accidents, and other emergencies on the Fort Wayne campus should be reported to Indiana Tech Safety & Security or the appropriate law enforcement agency; including when the victim of a crime elects to, or is unable to, make such a report. If a there is a violent crime or life-threatening emergency, it is encouraged that someone dials 911 while another calls Safety & Security.

Indiana Tech Safety & Security
Andorfer Commons, 144

Online Incident Reporting

Incident/Complaint Reporting Form

Online Sexual Misconduct Reporting

If a crime is taking place at a regional campus or otherwise away from the Fort Wayne campus, contact local police, especially if there is violence. Reports to the university should be made to the Dean, to the Department of Safety & Security, or by using the online forms available above.

Depending on the nature of the report and location of the incident, Safety & Security may send an officer to the location, report to local authorities, or ask the reporting person to come to the central office and file an incident report. After a report is created, an investigation may be conducted. An incident report may be forwarded to other university officials/ departments, on a need-to-know basis, for potential further action. These officials/ departments include, but are not limited to;

  • Title IX Coordinators
  • Human Resources
  • Academic Affairs
  • Finance and Administration
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Residence Life
  • College of Professional Studies

Campus Security Authorities

Campus Security Authorities are mandated reporting parties on a campus per the Clery Act. A Campus Security Authority (CSA) is an individual who is an official of Indiana Tech that has significant responsibility for student and campus activities or has responsibility for campus security. The following are considered CSAs:

  • Safety & Security staff
  • Residence Life staff (including RAs)
  • Title IX Coordinators,
  • Athletics staff
  • Human Resources staff
  • Academic and student organization advisors
  • Deans
  • Vice President of Student Affairs
  • Several associate deans, associate directors, directors and associate vice presidents are also CSAs.

Professional and Pastoral Counselors, acting in the role of a professional or pastoral counselor, are exempt from reporting as a CSA, except when there is a legal obligation to report a crime.

All employees of Indiana Tech are mandatory reporters for Title IX violations.

Function of a Campus Security Authority

Campus Security Authorities must report all Clery Act related allegations that they receive while functioning in their on duty role as a CSA. Campus Security Authorities report criminal allegations to the Department of Safety and Security. Campus Security Authorities are not responsible for reporting incidents that they overhear; mentioned during an in-class discussion; that a victim mentions during a speech, workshop, or any other form of group presentation; or that the CSA otherwise learns about indirectly. Campus Security Authorities should not conduct investigations of allegations unless authorized by the Vice President of Student Services. Campus Security Authorities will not attempt to apprehend perpetrators. It is not a CSAs responsibility to determine if a crime took place. It can be initially encouraged for victims to report the incident to Local Law Enforcement. Victims are not required to do so if they choose not to. CSAs will not pressure a victim into reporting.