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Title IX Compliance & Administrators

It is the policy of Indiana Tech to comply with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 which provides that no person on the basis of gender be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance. Our policies on non-discrimination and sexual misconduct, which is also covered through Title IX and the Violence Against Women Act of 1994, prohibits sexual harassment, sexual violence, stalking, and intimate partner violence against others based on gender, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation. Title IX also prohibits retaliation for asserting claims of sexual discrimination.

Indiana Tech has designated Title IX coordinators listed on the website along with a complaint form to coordinate the university’s compliance with and response to inquiries concerning Title IX. Indiana Tech also provides educational programming designed to inform students about the policy, prevent occurrences, and inspire bystander intervention. These programs range from online resources, in person presentations, print materials, and general publications.

To report a Title IX violation or complaint, please use Indiana Tech’s Title IX  (Sexual Misconduct) Violation Report Form or visit with one of the listed administrators below. A person may also file a complaint with the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights regarding an alleged violation of Title IX by visiting or calling 800.421.3481.

Title IX Administrators
Chris Dickson Associate VP Student Services,
Title IX Co-Coordinator (faculty respondents)
Andorfer Commons,
Room 150 260.422.5561, ext. 2234
Julie Hendryx Human Resources Director,
Title IX Co-Coordinator (student respondents)
Keene Building Suite 120,
Room 128 260.422.5561, ext. 2277
Jessie Biggs Athletic Director Warrior Athletic Center,
Room 211 260.422.5561, ext. 2244
Title IX Investigators
Tim Allwein, Jessica Black, David Bokhart, Lisa Givan, Jessica Pena, Nicole Scott, Scott Thum, Kourtney Wilson
Student Resource Officers
For a list of student resources, please visit Victim Resources 
Title IX Appellates
Dan Stoker Vice President Student Affairs,
Appellate Officer
Andorfer Commons,
Room 150 260.422.5561, ext. 2276
Judy Roy Executive Vice President Finance and Administration,
Appellate Officer
Wilfred Uytengsu, Sr. Center,
third floor 260.422.5561, ext. 2114