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Motor Vehicle Registration and Regulations


All employees and students with a vehicle on campus between the hours of 6am-4pm Monday through Friday, during the traditional undergraduate academic sessions, must have a parking permit. Evening students are encouraged to purchase a permit so that they can visit campus unimpeded during the enforcement hours. Permits are renewed annually.

When creating an account, the user will need their Indiana tech email, vehicle information, mailing address, Indiana Tech ID number, and may need credit/ debit card information for additional permit purchases.

Temporary license plates can be used as a license plate until your permanent plate arrives. Once the permanent plate is on your vehicle, you will then be able to log into your parking account and update the information.

Temporary permits are issued as needed by the main desk in each building for visitors. A new parking permit is required for all faculty, staff, students, and contract employees at the Fort Wayne campus for each academic year. If driving a car temporarily due to rental, loan, or repairs, you can obtain a short term permit from the student affairs office which will be issued at no charge upon verification of a valid current permit.

All parking permits will be distributed to the address you indicate at the time of applying. Be sure to take into consideration whether to have your permit sent to your summer home address or your university address. Temporary permits (valid for 30 days from approval date) should be displayed on the dash on the passenger side until your permanent permit arrives. Temporary permits are provided by The Permit Store at the completion of your online order.

There is no current requirement for motorcycles to have a permit.

Warrior Park does not require a parking permit.


  • Parking is only allowed in specifically marked parking stalls.
  • Performing service on vehicles is prohibited on university property without university permission, especially in concerns to environmentally hazardous fluids.
  • All vehicles parked on university property must have a valid, current, license plate.
  • Obey all traffic signs, parking signs, and direction from traffic control officers.
  • The campus speed limit is 15 mph and 10mph when passing pedestrians in the drivelane, this includes Warrior Park.
  • Students and Employees are not allowed to park in spaces designated with a specific sign unless it applies directly to the individual. This includes reserved, visitor, handicap, and service vehicle spaces. 
  • Parking on sidewalks, fire lanes, grass, or in alleys is prohibited unless permitted by the university for specific events.

Vehicle Accidents

If there is injury, contact 911. It is encouraged that all vehicle accidents be reported to Safety & Security.

  • An officer will record the necessary information, investigate the scene, and complete an incident report.
  • Official Campus Safety Incident Reports regarding motor vehicle accidents on campus will be made available to your insurance adjustor OR your attorney only. We do not provide incident reports to either party involved in order to maintain privacy.


Parking rules are enforced 24 hours a day for parking lots designated as R only. The commuter (C) or (C and R) lots are monitored between 6 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday-Friday. Reserved, Handicap Spaces, and Fire Lanes are monitored and enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Citations are issued by the Department of Safety and Security. Once a citation is written, the Parking Control Officer will not be able to clear the citation. Multiple open citations may result in the vehicle being booted or the vehicle being towed.

Citations written by Indiana Tech Parking Control are printed on water resistant paper and are placed under the driver’s side windshield wiper. Every citation has three photos taken of the incident to record evidence. Photos are a visual record of the violation, license plate, vehicle type, and location. Photos will only be used to provide additional information for the hearing officer if an appeal has been submitted.

A vehicle will only be booted if it is safe to do so and the boot fits the vehicle. Vehicles flagged for multiple violations are first considered for a boot in order to avoid additional cost on a student. There is no fee to have a boot removed but the vehicle owner/ driver must speak with the Director of Safety & Security to have the boot removed. If a boot is removed and the citations are not paid, the next action will be a tow.

If a vehicle is towed by the university, speak with Safety & Security in Andorfer Commons to receive contact information for the towing company. All fees associated with storage and towing the vehicle will be the responsibility of the owner. If a vehicle is towed and the citations are not also paid, the vehicle will be subject to tow again and possible restriction from campus.

Violation Types

Citations may be issued for the following violations:

  •  No Current Parking Permit – $25.00
  •  Vehicle Fluid Leak/ Spill – $25.00
  •  Parking Over Line – $25.00
  •  Invalid/ Expired License Plate – $25.00
  •  Servicing Vehicle on University Property – $10.00
  •  Unmarked/ Restricted Location – $25.00
  •  Unsafe Driving/ Speeding – $50.00
  •  Permit Not Valid for Location – $25.00
  •  Parking in Handicap Space – $50.00
  •  Parking in Reserved Space – $25.00
  •  Parking in Loading/ Unloading Zone – $25.00
  •  Parking in Fire Lane – $50.00
  •  Improper Display of Permit – $10.00
  •  Blocking Access to Handicap Ramps/ Curbs – $50.00
  •  Double Parking – $25.00

Failure to pay citation within 30 days will result in additional penalties. Citations that are unpaid will be sent to collections and added to your student account.